DUAL.5 Husqvarna 2016-up

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In the DUAL.5 light we have been able to generate two beams of light with different angles of incidence from one light at the same time. Thanks to this solution, we obtain diffused light (FLOOD) in LOW mode and long-range light (SPOT) in HI mode from a single DUAL.5 reflector. Thanks to the appropriately selected angles of incidence of light, the DUAL.5 light in the LOW – 2200 lm 22W mode lights the turns and allows driving in the fog while not dazzling the oncoming vehicles. HI mode – 5500 lm 44W supports road lights of the motorcycle shining far ahead of the vehicle at the same time illuminating the corners.


•LED type: 5x CREE® Xlight® XP-L

•High luminous flux 2200lm / 5500lm

•Color temperature white: 5000K (daylight white)

•Power supply: DC / DC 12V ÷ 25V

•Power consumption:

short lights – type. 1.59 A @ 13.8 VDC – max. 1.82 A @ 12 VDC high

beam (1) – typ. 3.18 A @ 13.8 VDC – max. 3.64 A @ 12 VDC

•Maximum power consumption: 48.8 Watt @ 12 VDC

•Light efficacy min. 110lm / W

•Integrated protections: – thermal stabilization of diodes (TJ LED = 85 ÷ 95 ° C) – thermal (SHDN> 140 ° C with hysteresis of 25 ° C)

•High quality aluminum MCPCB substrate: – ceramic 3W / mK dielectric – gilding

•Working temperature: -40 ÷ 65 ° C

•Implementation in environmentally friendly technology (RoHS/ WE)

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